Clutter be gone

27 Feb Clutter…Be Gone

Clutter…Be Gone

It seems that it doesn’t matter how large your home is, you never have enough space! When you live in a small unit or apartment this problem becomes even more apparent. Making use of every possible area is a must so we have scoured the Internet for you and here are some great ideas we have come across to maximise the usable space in your home.


Usually the first thing that gets the axe from the ‘I need this in my home’ wish list is an office. Let’s be realistic, somewhere to put a bed is more important than somewhere to put the computer. Inevitably evenings are spent with members of the household sitting around the lounge with a laptop on their knee or filling the dining room table with their clutter.

A wardrobe or linen cupboard can easily be turned into a functional workspace, or even that funny little nook at the end of the hallway. An office doesn’t need to be a room; all you need is a bit of empty wall space to fit a desk or to hang a deep shelf. Below are pictures of some creative office spaces.

1-5-300x300 Clutter...Be Gone
4-2-300x300 Clutter...Be Gone


There are so many spaces in our homes that are underutilised. The perfect example is under the bed. Packing items under your bed is a practical way of storing items that you don’t need to access daily. For example, if you don’t have a lot of wardrobe space (or have an excess of clothes) you could store your winter clothes in suitcases under your bed during summer.

Decided to turn your linen cupboard into an office? No problem! Store your linen under your bed in labelled storage containers. If your bed is low to the ground you can purchase (or make) bed risers, these are placed under each leg of the bed to lift it to the required height. Low shelving units can also be placed under your bed to store items that you need to access.

Baskets are also a great way to keep items on shelves neat and tidy. The obvious disadvantage to under bed storage is that dust will accumulate quickly and that does not make for a healthy sleeping environment. An alternative to constant dusting is to purchase a bed with built-in storage. Beds are available with built-in drawers or you can purchase one with a lift up base and a built-in storage facility under the mattress!

Why not ditch the laundry?

Front loading washing machine and dryers (you can even by an all in one model) make it easy to have these located in your kitchen. Don’t have a front loader? Move your laundry to your bathroom! The pipes are already there in your kitchen and your bathroom, you just need to make the space, have a plumber install new taps, redirect the grey water and before you know it what you used to know as your laundry is now an empty room ready to be re vamped!

2-4-300x300 Clutter...Be Gone
3-3-300x300 Clutter...Be Gone



Nowhere to put the keys when you get home? No room in your wardrobe to hang your scarves? Pantry not big enough to store everything neatly?

All you have to do is find the space in your home that is underutilised. This may be the back of your bedroom door, on top of your kitchen cupboards or of course wall space! Check out some of these great ideas that we have come across.