Lemons and limes

17 Dec Lemons and Limes – technologies sour aftertaste?

Lemons and Limes – technologies sour aftertaste?

Following on from my article last month where I spoke about the complex system of by-laws, committee meetings, adjudications, and even the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (BCCMA) itself being quite baffling.

I find we have yet another example whereby local government has allowed for a technology trial in our streets with little or no consideration for the owners who live in community title schemes.

At this festive time of year, we put our minds to the pleasure Lemons and Limes bring to our lives. I for one enjoy sharing a Lime in my Vodka and Soda or in a Corona beer but alas the word Lime as in Lime Scooters is not the flavour of the month and in fact, it is has turned into a lemon for many CBD bodies corporate.

If you have managed to miss visiting the Brisbane CBD for Christmas shopping or a Christmas function then you may think I have gone a bit silly in the silly season. But for those who have managed to escape a visit to the CBD you have escaped the latest trial of technology, that of the Lime Scooter and by many reports may have escaped physical injury.

Lime Scooters, a billion dollar San Francisco based company is conducting a trial rollout of its electronic scooters in Brisbane which ends on December 31st. Lime Scooters are an App based product whereby you simply download the App, seek out your closest scooter similar to finding a ride on Uber and when located scan the barcode and you are away. At a cost of $1 to unlock the scooter and 30 cents per 30 seconds, these are a great way to get around.

Now whilst the concept seems harmless these scooters and their riders are not. Just today saw news articles of these scooters hanging from Brisbane bridges, being hurled at passersby and being dumped in every conceivable place including common areas of Brisbane Bodies Corporate.

Just when the body corporate committee had enough on their plate at this busy time of year along come these additional hazards to contend with.
As we also spoke about last month writing legislation and proposing reforms must be an incredibly challenging and difficult undertaking but during this festive period, we ask our regulators at both local and state levels to please take 5 minutes to think of the world of Bodies Corporate when doing so.

Have a Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year.  See you in 2019

by Simon Barnard

For those why haven’t seen the Lime Scooter Project – watch this video

Simon-Barnard-Circle Lemons and Limes - technologies sour aftertaste?

Simon Barnard is the Managing Director and Principle of Hartley’s Body Corporate Management which is a medium sized strata firm established in 2004 at Sherwood and now operating out of Graceville, Newstead, North Lakes and Bribie Island. Simon is in his 6th year as President of the Board of Strata Community Australia (QLD) and was recently recognised for his service to the industry with a fellowship of the organisation and Life Membership.

Simon also is a past board member on the SCA National Board and is engaged at an International level through many consultative groups and associations. He meets regularly with the Industry Stakeholders group which is convened by the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management and the Office of the Attorney General and actively engages at all levels of government.

Simon has recently been invited to represent the Strata industry on the QLD Government Ministerial Housing Consultative Committee tasked with advising on developing and delivering quality housing outcomes for people and communities. His contributions at an International, National and State level involve working with key stakeholders and government to ensure lot owners, industry employees, suppliers and Bodies Corporate needs are addressed through Government policy reform, education and training.