17 Dec Living Small: Christmas Decorations

Living Small: Christmas Decorations 

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree, tinsel, baubles, lights and all of the other decorations that go with it! Sometimes living in a smaller unit can mean putting out decorations can take up too much valuable space – but there are many different ideas that make decorating for Christmas achievable, no matter the space you have.

This month, we look at how to decorate your small space for Christmas. Check out these beautiful ideas and get to work this weekend on turning your small space into something amazing this Christmas.


1. Christmas Tree Options

The one thing that takes up the most space is the Christmas tree – but who said it has to be a conventional tree? Why not something that will take up far less space but you can still place your Christmas presents under.

There are so many “unconventional” Christmas tree ideas; you could even have more than one in your unit!

1 Living Small: Christmas Decorations
2 Living Small: Christmas Decorations

2. Hanging Christmas Decoration from Light Fittings

Hanging Christmas decorations from existing light fittings – or the ceiling is also a brilliant way to add decorations to a small space and does not take away from valuable space that you would normally be utilising. Decorations can also be hung in door frames and windows.

3 Living Small: Christmas Decorations
4 Living Small: Christmas Decorations

3. Take a novel approach

There are many other decorating ideas that will help you make your home look and feel like Christmas without taking up space. Why not look at elf chair feet or bows for your kitchen cabinets – these items are already in place, you are simply adding to them to bring Christmas in.

5-5 Living Small: Christmas Decorations
6-3 Living Small: Christmas Decorations

4. Wreaths & Stockings

Now – we can’t forget the Wreath or the Stockings!!! In apartment living, you may not want to place your wreath on your front door and won’t have a fireplace to put your stockings – but not to fear – there are plenty of ideas that you can introduce to your unit for these items…….

If you have a staircase, why not hang your stockings from the balustrading or make a hanger that can be installed on your wall, just for your Christmas stockings.

Your Christmas Wreath can also be hung indoors – on your cupboard doors, in windows, on your walls – or it can even be used as a table centrepiece….so many choices!!!

7-3 Living Small: Christmas Decorations
9-1 Living Small: Christmas Decorations
8-2 Living Small: Christmas Decorations
10-1 Living Small: Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas Wishes.

So many ideas on decorating your home can be found online, not only for Christmas, but for any occasion.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our “Living Small” Articles each month and we look forward to bringing you more useful and handy hits in 2019!!!

We hope that all of our clients have a very Merry & Safe Christmas and New Years.

From all the team at Hartley’s Body Corporate Management