28 May Living Small: Living Rooms

Living Small: Living Rooms

In previous Living Small articles, we have explored making the most of your kitchen & bathroom and have looked at different storage options for all areas of your unit/townhouse.

This month, we look at another key area of the home where you could spend a lot of time with your family or entertaining your friends – the living room.

Mirrors can make a space feel bigger

Mirrors in your living room can make the space look and feel bigger and can also add additional light to the room.

1 Living Small: Living Rooms
Image Credit: https://homemydesign.com/2016/20-awesome-oversized-mirrors-to-make-feel-bigger/vintage-wood-oversized-mirror-in-living-room/
2 Living Small: Living Rooms
Image Credit: https://theanastasiaco.com/7-apartment-decorating-ideas/

Strategic Storage Ideas

In a lot of other articles, we have looked at multifunctional storage and making the most of space that you may not be able to utilise in conventional ways. With the installation of storage near the ceiling, or floating furniture e.g. tv cabinets you open up the living room giving you more space for entertaining. Wall mounting the TV can also provide additional shelf space.

3 Living Small: Living Rooms
Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com.au/candacev3050/ceiling-shelves/
4 Living Small: Living Rooms
Image Credit: https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/pdx/orren-ellis-boettcher-wall-mounted-floating-tv-stand-for-tvs-up-to-88-npqh1015.html

Using Lighter Colour Palettes

Using a lighter colour palette in the living room can work with lighting to create the feeling of a more open & bigger space.

5 Living Small: Living Rooms
Image Credit: http://theeverygirl.com/10-sneaky-ways-to-make-a-small-space-look-bigger/
6 Living Small: Living Rooms
Image Credit: https://www.ppgpaints.com/diy/inspiration/top-5-living-room-colors

Make the most of all areas

If your living room is on the ground floor of your unit or townhouse and there is a staircase leading up to the bedrooms, often the space under the stairs is either under or not utilised. There is a perfect opportunity to use this stage for storage, or to use as a space for an office or study area.

7 Living Small: Living Rooms
Image Credit: http://www.viendoraglass.com/692f90e896aa2194.html
8 Living Small: Living Rooms
Image Credit: https://www.unpakt.com/blog/creative-storage-ideas-for-small-apartments/

We hope that the above ideas help to inspire you and give you suggestions on how you can make the most of your living area and create a space that you can share with your family & friends.

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