26 Mar Living Small: The Joy Of Pets in Strata

Living Small: The Joy Of Pets in Strata

Pets are often a large part of our lives and wherever we go, they go.

If you currently live in a unit and have a pet, hopefully, you would have already gone through the process of seeking approval in accordance with the by-laws or if you are thinking of getting a pet you can go onto our website and fill in the Pet Application Form –  https://www.hbcm.co/resources/pet-request-form/ to ensure that you have the approval required to have a fur baby with you in your unit.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, living in a unit does not have to limit or rule out the idea of a pet – there are plenty of animals that suit unit living with smaller spaces and minimal outside space including cats and dogs – but what about all of the accessories that come with a pet?

1. Tips for Cat People

If you are thinking of getting a cat – while they are pretty low maintenance, remember that they need stimulation to stop boredom which can lead to destructive behaviour such as scratching and chewing (usually of your furniture). Scheduling play time and ensuring that they have toys to play with and scratching posts (to save your furniture) will help keep them amused while you are at work or out during the day. Scratching posts don’t have to take up what limited space you have in your unit, they can be as big or as small as you like and come in a vast amount of shapes.

It is important to ensure that your cat also has kitty litter (make sure you clean this regularly) and cat grass to help with digestion, or if they are feeling a bit off. Also – if you are in a high rise building, make sure that they are not able to get out onto your balcony in case they try to make an escape that way.

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Image Credit: https://www.homedit.com/modern-cat-tree-furniture/
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Image Credit: https://www.catastrophicreations.com/getting-started-guide/cat-wall-installations/

2. Tips for Dog Owners

Now, if you are not a cat person, there are plenty of dog breeds that are suitable for unit living, but it is important that you do your homework before going and adopting a dog or buying a puppy that is the wrong fit for your situation. Cattle dogs and border collies need wide open spaces and a lot of exercise. There are plenty of websites that you can access to see what breeds are suitable and unsuitable for unit living.

Just remember though – no matter the breed that you settle on to bring into your unit, they will still need exercise and stimulation and need their own “space” within your home, whether it be a basket, box or big cushion.

It is also recommended that consideration is giving to ensuring that your dog has a “grass-box” or a litter tray that they can use while they are home alone.

I have found a great infographic that you can refer to when looking at bringing a dog into your unit space – https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/pw-ig/ApartmentDogs.png

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Image Credit: www.contemporist.com/combined-dog-bed-side-table-and-room-divider-was-designed-for-this-apartment/
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Image Credit: www.nidataplus.com

3. What about other pets?

While this information is around cats or dogs, there are plenty of other furry (and non-furry) housemates that would suit apartment living e.g fish, birds can also be great companions.

Lastly, it is important that no matter what pet you are looking at bringing into your unit, that you are ensuring that you are abiding by the by laws – ensuring that they are not barking or meowing (or squawking if you have a bird) causing nuisance to your neighbours, that they are not allowed to roam on the Common Property unless they are on a lead and that they are not allowed to enter anyone else’s unit or courtyard and that any mess caused by your pet is cleaned up immediately and that any mess is disposed of in an appropriate way that will not cause offence to anyone else using the bins.

We hope the above helps in your quest to either find a furry friend or if you already have one living with you in your unit.

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