strata maintenance schedules

30 Jan Strata Maintenance Schedules

Strata Maintenance Schedules

One of the keys to happy living within a strata community is having a group of like-minded owners/investors who want the best for their investment.  This is something that is not always easily achievable however preserving your building and communal living areas, not only protects your investment but can in the short-term lead to long-term savings and added value.

Having a maintenance schedule in place is a simple yet effective way to make sure that your property is kept well maintained to stand the test of time. Developing a plan is easy and something that the owners can do themselves by following the following steps.

  1. Develop a Maintenance Calendar

Walk through the communal areas of your complex and identify all areas that need to be addressed on a bi-annual/annual basis.  Schedule each task that is required ie. gutter cleaning, garden mulching, pressure washing, drain clearing etc and mark down on the calendar when each task should be carried out.  Keep in mind the Season of which you look to have things undertaken.

  1. Conduct Periodic Inspections

Engage a professional to attend and identify health and safety hazards ie trip hazards, building cracks, condition of paint, roof inspection etc.  By being aware of every aspect of your property’s condition, you can quickly identify small issues before they become major, costly problems.

  1. Use Recommended and Qualified Contractors

Make sure that the contractors you engage to undertake maintenance repairs at your complex are qualified.  Also, try to use the same contractor for repeat visits so they can become knowledgeable about your property over time and will provide a higher level of service.  Speak to your Body Corporate Manager, who will be able to provide suitable contractors to assist.

  1. Complete a Sinking Fund Forecast

Although regular maintenance is important, it is equally important to make sure that long-term planning is forecast. Engage a professional to undertake a 10-year sinking fund forecast to estimate likely capital works around your strata scheme so that you budget for more extensive works.

Remember, Good maintenance helps retain the value of the building and makes the property more enjoyable to live in!