summer season is near

26 Sep Summer is near & so is storm season!

Summer is near & so is storm season!

As the warmer months draw closer and the mercury starts to rise, storms can strike at any time and it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Ready or not, storms wait for no one and it is imperative that Bodies Corporate and residents prepare their properties for unexpected winds, hail and flash flooding.

So, what can you do to prepare for the unexpected and minimise any impact for now and into the future?

  • Trim trees and branches encroaching your building/dwelling
  • Sign up to the Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Early Warning Alert Service 
  • Secure loose items in your courtyards and balconies such pot plants, outdoor furniture, children’s toys
  • Clear gutters, downpipes and drains
  • Carry out a maintenance check and repair broken latches, doors, window glass, window seals
  • Get your roof checked for damage or corrosion
  • Make sure all shades, sails and awnings are properly fitted
  • Check all smoke alarms are installed and tested regularly
  • Ensure any unused electrical items are switched off and unplugged encase of power surges

Keep your fur-babies safe as well.

For pets that don’t cope well during storms, it’s important to recognise changes in their behaviour which may alert you that a storm is coming.  Make sure they have a ‘safe place’ to make them feel comfortable.

Should you be unfortunate enough to be impacted by the weather did you know that you can report damage etc. to our office using our HBCM app?

Using the HBCM App

You can download the app the Apple store for iPhones or via Google Play for Android. Once downloaded simply click Menu and go to “Report It!”. The “Report It” feature offers owners and tenants the ability to report any issues on-site direct to HBCM. This feature is great for reporting any maintenance issues on the spot and with a direct link to the HBCM team we can then ensure the timeliest response possible. It is important to note that if there is an issue that requires urgent attention that we recommend phoning us directly.

You can download our app here

If previous years’ storms are anything to go by then it’s sure to be another long, HOT and stormy Summer.

So stay safe and dry this storm season.