27 Feb What’s in the news?

What’s in the news?

Airbnb in Australia: Entire homes, commercial listings ‘surge’ amid growing concerns.

Airbnb has always maintained it’s about mums and dads renting out space in their homes for a modest profit.

But new data shows an explosion in the number of entire homes and commercial listings, such as serviced apartments run by property managers, on the platform.

See how Airbnb is affecting strata schemes and the real estate market.

Read the full story by Sarah Farnsworth from the ABC

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airbnb What's in the news?
Image by: Michael Barnet ABC News
smoking What's in the news?
Image by: Quentin Jones

Why Australian apartment residents need better protection from dangerous secondhand smoke.

People living in apartments are much more likely to experience secondhand smoke wafting into their homes and across shared areas. It’s an issue that can divide neighbours and leave strata managers overwhelmed.

Apartment residents need sensible smoking regulations that balance personal freedoms in the home and public health interests. Newly published research shows the law is letting them down.

Read this interesting story by Caitlin Kameron from Curtin University.

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A stones throw away: The inner city Brisbane suburb making a comeback.

When I think of visiting Stones Corner back in its hey-day, I remember meeting my mum there when I was a uni student.

We’d jostle the crowds and other shoppers as we wandered around the huge array of clothing outlet stores and after a few hours, we’d grab a bite to eat before saying our goodbyes.

And it appears so did a lot of other people but since then, the Stones Corner high street has struggled to get the same foot traffic.

See what’s happening down at Stones Corner now in this interesting article by Nicola McDougall

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stone-corner What's in the news?
Image by Jim Malo