Whats in the news April 2020

27 Apr What’s in the news in April?

What’s in the news in April?

Coronavirus: QLD backs down on emergency laws with renters to pay own way

In a win for investors, the Palaszczuk Government has watered down residential emergency measures it was set to put to parliament, meaning tenants will foot the rent bill – even if deferred – in return for landlords not kicking them out.

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Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk at parliament last week. Picture: Annette Dew
capi_dadcd5cc41b26563d5b48cfa335ad625_10970b6e75ebda28c8fa04ed23f3c3d4 What's in the news in April?
Queensland had the least of the terrible results in the 12-month ahead capital growth expectations index for residential houses.

Coronavirus: Survey fears house values could fall after record drop in confidence

Coronavirus has done what elections, oversupply and the mining bust could not, breaking property confidence to its lowest point since 2011 – and prices could follow, the latest Big Four Bank survey warns.

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Boom time for first-time buyers undeterred by coronavirus; plus where they are buying in Brisbane

First-time buyers are the best placed to take advantage of the property market downturn caused by COVID-19, according to industry experts.

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capi_a36a91b580b75f80b08e6146a651f025_81200254d676edf9c3e6bbb519c8051f What's in the news in April?
First-time buyers Rachel and Cory Wittleton with their pup Oslo. Photo: Tertius Pickard
Domain_Carina_Heights-10_hp6waz What's in the news in April?
Brisbane houses offered a gross rental yield of 4.6 per cent while units offered a slightly stronger yield of 5.4 per cent. Photo: Tammy Law

Brisbane rental market feels coronavirus effect as vacant properties rise

Brisbane’s longest ever run of rental stability could rapidly grind to a halt as vacancies rise, median prices are expected to dip and tenants tighten their belts against the COVID-19 economic backlash.

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Coronavirus changes to real estate: How to navigate the industry as a buyer or seller


Coronavirus has turned the real estate world on its head with a myriad of new challenges for buyers and sellers. This is how you can get ahead of the game.

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