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25 Aug What’s in the news in August?

What’s in the news in August?

Index warns council unit ban will impact boomer downsizers

A new housing index has warned that Brisbane will face a flood of ageing baby boomers with nowhere suitable to live unless it embraces greater density in suburbs where houses dominate.

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A battle royale is in play as residents of low density suburbs look to prevent townhouses and unit developments in their neighbourhoods. Picture: Liam Kidston.
capi_e9041d3cb850bb8a455f1c70f508ffa2_0f2681a7bd3dbcde6693aeba74c00bcf What's in the news in August?
Riverfront homes or those with river views were among those with strong fundamentals for growth.

Brisbane prices at bottom of the property price cycle

Brisbane has been labelled the “capital city poster child” with strong fundamentals as the market prepares for an upswing off the bottom of the price cycle. This as the latest national property clock by valuation advisory firm Herron Todd White showed the Queensland capital was at its lowest price level in the latest cycle.

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Interest rates set to hold till November 

After a torrid two months of slashing, the Reserve Bank board is expected to hold fire until November on any further interest rate cuts — but there’s still lots to celebrate for buyers.

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Queensland is expected to see a surge in interest from interstate and other buyers given its relative affordability compared to southern neighbours, including Brisbane over Sydney and Melbourne.Source:News Corp Australia
1707_29-35_Campbell_st_bowen_hills2_sn4tps What's in the news in August?

Brisbane’s cheapest units: With prices still at historic lows, here’s where to look

It’s no secret that Brisbane’s apartment market has taken a beating over the past couple of years, and it’s been a painful experience for some owners.

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Surprising group investing in property

Brisbane’s rent prices have remained relatively steady over the past 12 months, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any big changes in rent prices across the city.

So which suburbs have seen the biggest price hikes, and which have seen the biggest reductions?

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