25 Feb What’s in the news in February

What’s in the news in February

Brisbane real estate: ‘Rightsizers’ want apartments as big as houses

Appartments the size of an average house have replaced the white picket fence as the new Great Australian Dream thanks to a new breed of home buyers known as ‘rightsizers’. What are they and how are they changing the property landscape in Brisbane?

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Miles and Juanita Browning with their kids, Zac, 3, and Millie, 7, at their apartment in New Farm. Demand for three-bedroom, house-sized apartments is increasing among young people and families — not just retirees. Image: AAP/John Gass.Source:News Limited
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First-time buyers are taking advantage of the federal government’s home loan deposit scheme. Picture: iStock.Source: Supplied

Revealed: Where first-home buyers should be looking in Brisbane

First-time buyers are flooding the Brisbane property market boosted by the government’s scheme to help people onto the housing ladder. Do you have friends or family who could do with some assistance?

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Australia’s pest problem: Spike in infestations sparks major housing concerns, hipages data reveals

There’s no doubt Australia is a pretty famous, and scary, place when it comes to our bugs and creepy crawlies. We all hate them, but sooner or later we all have to deal with them.

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Demand for snake removal has skyrocketed. Picture: Nathan Dyer
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Positivity is in the air: recent sales like the deal done this week at 1 Leopard Street, Kangaroo Point (pictured) for close to $18 million, show Brisbane’s confidence is already up. Photo: Place Estate Agents New Farm

Brisbane house prices to rise over 2020-21: Forecast to soar by up to 17 per cent

Brisbane is predicted to see some of the biggest house price rises in Australia over the next two years, according to new forecasting, rising by a whopping 8 per cent over the next 12 months alone.

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