08 Feb What’s in the news in February

What’s in the news in February?

‘It’s otherwise solid’: What’s dragging down Brisbane’s apartment market

One-bedroom units are the Achille’s heel of Brisbane’s apartment market and likely to hold it back from a recovery in 2019, an agent says.

Dean Yesberg, an auctioneer and Ray White business owner with more than 26 years’ experience, said while two-bedroom unit sales had improved considerably over the past six months, the one-bedders were still a major issue.

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While three-bedroom and two-bedroom units are selling well, one-bedroom units are still in oversupply, says Dean Yesberg. Photo: Tammy Law
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Property professionals still feel positive about the property market in the Sunshine State, which is more than can be said for everywhere else in the country. Photo: iStock Photo: iStock / Getty Images

What to expect for Brisbane property in 2019

Brisbane came out on top among the strongest performing capital cities in Australia in 2018, simply because its growth remained positive.

As prices tumbled in Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane’s housing market continued its well-worn path of solid, modest growth however, growth in unit sales is a different story…

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Why the Gold Coast property market will survive when others around the country are in decline

Interstate immigration will keep the Gold Coast property market afloat while other areas across the country, including Melbourne and Sydney, are in decline.

REIQ Gold Coast zone chairman Andrew Henderson said people would continue to move to the Glitter Strip as long as it was affordable and offered a good lifestyle, jobs and quality amenities.

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Image Credit: Gold Coast Bulletin / Realestate.com
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Image Credit: Realestate.com

Property Outlook – Australian Property Market Report – January 2019

Nerida Conisbee is one of Australia’s leading property experts and in this article we found on realestate.com she lays out the property price comparisons as she sees them.

Well worth a look for homeowners and investors alike.

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Pets and renting and how it affects me

Despite Australia’s reputation for being an animal-loving nation, when it comes to finding a pet-friendly rental it can be hard.

Landlords are often nervous about potential damage or the hassle of pet tenants and it’s estimated only 10 per cent of rentals allow furry housemates.

However, attitudes towards pets and renting are changing.

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Image Credit: Realestate.com
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Jorge and Alejandra Palacios have just bought a new apartment in Gallery House in Hamilton. Image Credit: news.com.au

What buyers want: New apartments trump houses

Eight in 10 home hunters would consider buying a new apartment over a house and land package, new research reveals.

Despite recent oversupply fears and the risks of buying units off-the-plan, a realestate.com.au survey of buyers’ intentions has found 80 per cent are thinking about purchasing an apartment OTP — and a quarter of them would list it on AirBnB. That compares with only 62 per cent of people who would consider buying a house and land.

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Toowong Legacy Expansion to Foil City Gridlock

The Council of Mayors in South East Queensland (SEQ) has submitted a proposed $62 billion infrastructure project that would expand motorways and rail lines in the region. Toowong’s Legacy Way stands to benefit from this plan, along with 46 other roadworks expected to be rolled out from 2019 to 2041.

Three roadworks identified in the SEQ People Mass Movement Study, which was released last January, will significantly impact Toowong traffic gridlocks once the road constructions are underway.

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Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legacy_Way