30 Jul What’s in the news in July?

What’s in the news in July


Tax time: How to maximise your refund as a property investor

You’ve contributed to a body corporate fund, had to repair solar panels on the rental apartment, and drawn funds from the investment mortgage for personal use, so what can you claim at tax time?

For new landlords, the list of things that can and cannot be included in a tax return can be daunting.

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Image Credit: https://www.realestate.com.au/news/tax-time-how-to-maximise-your-refund-as-a-property-investor/?
Screen-Shot-2019-07-25-at-11.10.31-am What's in the news in July?
Rental demand for Brisbane apartments has rebounded. Picture: Mark Cranitch.Source:News Corp Australia

Investors in the box seat amid surprise surge in rental demand for Brisbane apartments

A surprise surge in tenant demand for apartments combined with falling interest rates and rising rents looks set to lure property investors back to the Brisbane market after years in the doldrums but what pressure is this putting on those looking for a rental property?

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More homes selling at a loss means buyers are set to gain

More Brisbane sellers are willing to let their home go for a loss, putting buyers in the box seat to negotiate a bargain.

A new report from property analysis firm CoreLogic reveals 11.5 per cent of properties in the Queensland capital were resold at a loss in the first quarter of this year — the highest number since 2013.

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Screen-Shot-2019-07-25-at-11.13.37-am What's in the news in July?
Apartments in the Teneriffe area. Picture: Mark Cranitch.Source:News Corp Australia
Screen-Shot-2019-07-25-at-11.15.37-am What's in the news in July?
Dylan Leone and Jaco Gunter live at Cutters Landing in New Farm. Picture: Peter Wallis.Source:News Limited

Revealed: Where to buy an investment property and cash in on capital growth in Brisbane

A new report from Place Advisory has found the suburbs with the highest rental yields are mostly in the middle ring on the city’s southside, while those with the highest rental incomes are inner-city lifestyle locations.

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The Brisbane suburbs where rent prices have increased most

Brisbane’s rent prices have remained relatively steady over the past 12 months, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any big changes in rent prices across the city.

So which suburbs have seen the biggest price hikes, and which have seen the biggest reductions?

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Screen-Shot-2019-07-25-at-11.49.12-am What's in the news in July?
Projects like Ripley Valley are helping homeowners profit in the Ipswich region. Photo: Supplied.Source:Supplied
Screen-Shot-2019-07-25-at-11.19.29-am What's in the news in July?
Rents have increased substantially per week in Fortitude Valley for units as well as houses. Photo: Tammy Law

Renting vs buying in Brisbane: The suburbs where it’s cheaper to pay a mortgage than rent

A Domain data crunch has revealed where in Australia it’s cheaper to buy a property rather than rent and Brisbane has more suburbs to choose from for buyers than the capitals down south.

In this article, find out which suburbs provide the best opportunities for people wanting to get onto the property market.

Read the full story by Nicole Frost from domain.com.au

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