25 Jun What’s in the news in June?

What’s in the news in June



Brisbane in desperate need of larger units: Demand from ex-suburban empty nesters heats up

Downsizing from a large house to an apartment can seem like a great idea for empty nesters but what happens when most of the apartments on the market feel too small for couples who want to downsize but don’t want to live in a “shoebox”?

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Image Credit: Brisbane's demand for larger, four-bedroom apartments is at an all-time high. Photo: Total Property Group
iStock-920917936_xzhidb What's in the news in June?
As we work longer hours, our pets can get lonely. Photo: iStock

Creating the paw-fect home for your dog

Dogs rock. More than 30 per cent of Australian households own one and they’re the wagging backbone of family life. But the busyness of the modern age is also seeing family pooches becoming stressed and anxious when left at home alone. How do we create an environment which is healthy for our dog when we are out of the house all day?

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First homebuyer interest spikes as interest rate cut looms

The number of first home buyers looking to jump into the housing market has spiked in anticipation of an interest-rate cut next week. There has been a 55 per cent rise in visitors to first homebuyer guides this month — the biggest increase in a year — according to comparison site, Finder. How will these “good” conditions affect Brisbane’s housing market and are people prepared if economic conditions take a turn for the worse in a few years?

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First-home buyers, left, watch as an auctioneer calls for bids at a house auction.Source:Supplied
graphicstock-apartment-buildingmultistoried-modern-and-stylish-living-block-of-flats-real-estate-new-housereal-estate-sunrise-lighting_SdMtL3Dese What's in the news in June?
Changes in cladding laws should reduce risk and save lives. Image Credit: Graphic Stock

Qld govt may close cladding loopholes

Queensland may ban provisions allowing combustible cladding on high-rise buildings, with concerns the global insurance fallout from the Grenfell Tower disaster could affect the state’s construction industry but what might the impacts be on the industry and safety if they fail to act?

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Brisbane’s cheapest suburbs by proximity to the CBD

Brisbane’s cheapest suburbs closest to the CBD have been revealed — and if you’re in the market for a house, you can still pick one up for under $500,000, less than 10 kilometres from the CBD. According to new data from Domain, there are still a number of sleeper suburbs close to the city centre that have median sale prices considerably less than their surrounding areas but where are these “gems” and what do you need to capitalise on these opportunities?

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iStock-902317412_q5nuop What's in the news in June?
While the general rule is the further a suburb is placed from the CBD the more affordable it is, there are exceptions. Image Credit: iStock