my toilet is blocked

26 Sep You asked, “My toilet is blocked, now what”?

You asked, “My toilet is blocked, what now”?

In this months ‘You Asked’, we answer the question: My toilet is blocked, you can claim this on insurance, can’t you?

In short – the answer is no.

A blocked toilet would be considered a “maintenance” item and is not something that is covered under the Strata policy.

In the Residential Strata PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) it notes that “This policy covers accidental loss or damage to your insured property that occurs during the period of insurance” and also notes as an exclusion any loss or damage caused by lack of maintenance.

Now, it is important to note that while the work required to clear your blocked toilet is not covered under your Strata policy, if water was to back up, overflow and cause damage to the building (e.g. walls, skirting boards, cabinetry etc.) this could be claimed under the policy. However, you would need to show evidence (e.g. invoice) that the cause of the damage has been rectified.

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