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With the construction industry currently booming in South East Queensland, Committees and Owners need to understand what issues could arise and what steps they should take to protect their properties when construction is planned to start on a neighbouring property.

Some issues that can occur when construction is carried out on a neighbouring property include cracking, subsidence and property damage including (but not limited to) damage to fences, retaining walls and landscaping etc. These issues may be apparent during construction however can sometimes appear after construction has been completed.

One of the first steps that Bodies Corporate should take is to obtain a dilapidation report. If your scheme is registered as a Building Format Plan (BFP) this report will include the units within the scheme, however if your scheme is registered as a Standard Format Plan (SFP) the Body Corporate will not be responsible for the structure of the individual units and owners should also consider obtaining dilapidation reports for their individual units. This should be completed as soon as possible in the development stage, before construction starts. They will provide both written and photographic evidence of the property’s condition before the neighbouring building construction. This report will be vital evidence for the Body Corporate if any issues do develop in future.

Another important consideration is keeping open communication with the neighbouring property and ensuring that any agreements, for example, agreements regarding dividing fences, access requirements etc., are properly documented and held on the Body Corporate records. These records will help ensure that there are no misunderstandings later on during the construction.

Suppose you are aware of construction in your neighbourhood, In that case, your Strata Manager should be able to help support Committees and Owners to determine reasonable steps tailored to suit the needs of your Body Corporate and assist you in obtaining any necessary reports and formalising any agreements with the neighbouring property
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