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Why is emergency lighting important in body corporate schemes?

Safety and Evacuation:

In the event of a power outage or emergency situation such as a fire, emergency lighting will be active, ensuring that occupants can safely evacuate the building. It illuminates escape routes, stairwells, and exits, helping people navigate through the building when normal lighting is unavailable.


Newer Body Corporate Schemes have building codes and regulations that mandate the installation of emergency lighting in commercial and residential multi-dwelling buildings. Compliance with these regulations is essential to ensuring the lighting systems work when required for the safety of the occupants.

Liability Reduction:

Properly functioning emergency lighting can reduce the liability of the body corporate in case of accidents or injuries during emergencies. It demonstrates that reasonable measures were taken to provide a safe environment for residents and visitors.

Maintaining Order:

During emergencies, panic and confusion can quickly escalate. Emergency lighting helps maintain order by providing clear pathways for evacuation, reducing the risk of creating dangerous situations.

Protection of Property:

Emergency lighting not only ensures the safety of occupants but also helps protect the property itself. It enables emergency responders to navigate the building more effectively, potentially reducing property damage by dealing with the emergency quickly and efficiently.

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Description automatically generatedOverall, emergency lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants in body corporate schemes, as well as helping the body corporate fulfil its legal and moral obligations to provide a safe living environment.

If you are unsure if your building is required to have emergency lighting or whether or not the building meets compliance, please contact us for further information.