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Are you thinking of installing an Electric Vehicle network to your complex, or find you are overloading the power at your residence? Maybe, you just want to know how much spare capacity you have in your electrical supply so you can be duly informed if you can install additional appliances such as air conditioners or electric vehicle chargers without the need for a major infrastructure upgrade.

To find out this information, you will need to install an energy data logger to the circuit you want to monitor. This is achieved by installing a set of Rogowski coils around the nominated circuit and connected to an energy logger.

The energy loggers are installed for a period of 7-14 days to determine the circuits peak and average power usage, and help determine how much spare capacity is in the circuit. This is really important information for decision makers when deciding what additional load can be connected, and whether the electrical infrastructure needs to be upgraded or not.

Put simply, energy data logging is a very easy, cost-effective way to find out important electrical capacity information, and can help mitigate huge infrastructure costs that may not actually be required.

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