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VOTE NOW delivers a practical alternative to paper based voting systems. Our solution allows for voters to cast their vote electronically for instant submission

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Vote Now is a company which offers electronic voting for owners and committee members. It is used by Body Corporate companies to compliment their meetings and provide a quick and easy solution to voting.


Hartley’s Body Corporate Management has partnered with Vote Now to offer this service to all our clients. Below is a list of frequently asked questions to assist with the usage of Vote Now.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are we allowed to do electronic voting? Does this comply with legislation for Body Corporate?

Yes. Electronic voting for all meeting types is authorised in the BCCM Act for Queensland, so long as a motion is passed at a general meeting to allow electronic voting. Most Bodies Corporate have had this motion passed already at an Annual General Meeting.


How does a Body Corporate start using electronic voting?

If you are not already using Vote Now, speak with your Strata Community Manager.


Is it easy to use?

Once you receive an invitation to log on to Vote Now, you simply log in, click on your meeting and select your vote.


How do I know it is secure?

Vote Now utilize the same data hosting as companies such Microsoft, Apple and Samsung. It is one of the most secure platforms available in the world.


How do I register to vote?

Your Strata Community Manager will send you an invitation to your nominated email address, with instructions on how to log in.


Why didn’t I get my email invitation to log on? Or my email invitation to vote?

Check your junk mail/spam folder as it may have been filed here by your email provider. You can also add this email to your address book/contacts so it is recognised by your email provider:


What is my username?

It is the email address you have provided to Hartley’s. If you would like to check which email address this is, contact our office.


I have forgotten my password. How do I reset this? 

On the log in page there is a Forgot Password link you can click. An email will be sent to you with new details.


How can I change my password to something of my choice?

In the left hand side menu, click on Profile, then click on Change where your password is. The change is immediate and you will need to log on using this new password in future.


I’ve lost the email with the link to log in. How do I log in?

Go to


How do I update the details on my profile?

Vote Now displays information but you cannot update within the system. Complete the below form to update your details, or email us at


How do I find out how long the campaign is open for?

When viewing the campaign on your home page, you can see the Start and End date. If you click on the campaign you will also be able to see the exact time it opens and closes.


I can’t see the campaign to vote on. Where is it?

If you can’t see a campaign it means it has not been sent to you yet, the voting period is not open yet, or the voting period has passed. You can check expired campaigns by clicking on Old Campaigns in the Menu on the left side of your screen


I can’t see other motions to vote on. How do I go to the next one?

Click on the arrows below the motion currently displayed to move through them. Alternatively click on the dots below the motion to move the motion of choice.


How do I change my vote if I have already submitted one?

If the campaign is still live, you can click on it, click on Edit, then select YES, NO or ABSTAIN. The vote saves instantly.


I want to write some comments against the motion for my manager to see. How can I do this?

Vote Now is purely for voting. If you have any comments, you will need to send this to your manager by email or post.


I own more than 1 lot in the Body Corporate. How do I vote for each one?

You will receive a campaign per lot, so you can vote on each one individually.


I want to give someone a proxy to vote on my behalf. Can I give my proxy the vote through Vote Now?

You will need to provide your proxy with your log in details to vote for your lot. If you are concerned that they will have future access after that meeting, you can change your password.


I’ve already voted but would like to also attend the meeting. Is this allowed.



What if I want to change my vote when I’m at the meeting?

Speak with your Strata Community Manager at the meeting.


Why did I receive a voting paper in the mail as well as the option to vote electronically?

In accordance with legislation, some meetings still need to have notices and voting options sent out by paper to an Australian postal address. The legislation is currently under review regarding this and will hopefully change to completely electronic for those who wish to use that option.


Can I see other peoples votes? What if I am on the Committee?

No, this information is with your Strata Community Manager. If you are part of the committee you can speak with your Strata Community Manager about this.


Who do I contact if I am having issues using Vote Now?

Contact your Strata Community Manager.


Who do I contact if I have issues with the meeting or motions in Vote Now?

Contact your Strata Community Manager.


What if I have a suggestion about improvements?

Contact your Strata Community Manager.

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