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For this article we have visited Hot Water Systems again, as coming into the cooler months it is imperative that everyone has an understanding of how important it is to ensure that Hot Water Systems are serviced and inspected to determine the age and current condition of the systems to prevent failure and loss of hot water supply.

The life span of a hot water system whether it be electric or gas is around 15 years depending on the water quality that services the property. A simple visual inspection by a licenced plumber may avoid the loss of hot water supply with repairs or replacement works carried out prior to any failure.

These simple steps involve visual investigations of the hot water system, inspection for manufacture date and also inspection of dates on any relevant valves fitted to a hot water system.

As we all know hot water is a necessity and by being proactive, supply loss may be avoided.

The colder months sees hot water demand rise and each hot water system may work at its peak to keep up with the added supply required.

By being proactive rather than reactive this may avoid a massive inconvenience to owners and tenants to maintain regular hot water delivery to all concerned.

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