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Strata insurance can often feel like navigating a labyrinth of complexities, especially for members of owners corporations, body corporates, and strata companies. However, with the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced strata manager, this process can be streamlined, ensuring that your valuable assets are adequately protected. In this article, we delve into the vital role that strata managers play in managing insurance needs and mitigating risks within strata communities.

Understanding the Risks:

Members of strata communities face significant liabilities, extending up to the full extent of their net wealth, in the event of building damage or destruction. This underscores the importance of having sufficient insurance coverage in place to cover potential reinstatement costs. The repercussions of underinsurance can lead to financial strain and emotional stress for owners, making it imperative to work closely with a strata manager to assess and address insurance needs effectively.

The Role of Strata Managers:

Strata managers bring a wealth of localised knowledge and expertise to the table, having a deep understanding of the nuances and histories of specific strata communities. This insight allows them to liaise effectively with insurers to tailor insurance solutions that meet the unique requirements of each building. Moreover, strata managers maintain relationships with key decision-makers within insurance companies, facilitating smoother communication and faster claim settlements.

Mitigating Risks and Minimising Claims:

One of the strategic advantages of engaging a strata manager is their ability to mitigate risks and minimise claims over the long term. By conducting thorough risk assessments and implementing proactive measures, strata managers help reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring. Additionally, their expertise in distinguishing between accidental damage, defects, and maintenance issues enables clearer communication with insurers, leading to more efficient claim resolution processes.

Administrative Support:

Beyond strategic guidance, strata managers also offer comprehensive administrative support in managing insurance matters. From obtaining quotes and renewing policies to handling claims and maintaining insurance records, they ensure that all aspects of insurance administration are handled efficiently and accurately. This alleviates the burden on owners and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.


In a landscape where strata insurance complexities abound, the value of a trusted strata manager cannot be overstated. From navigating insurance intricacies to providing administrative support, strata managers serve as invaluable allies in safeguarding the interests of strata communities. By partnering with a reputable strata manager such as the team at Hartley’s Body Corporate Management, owners can gain peace of mind knowing that their insurance needs are expertly managed, allowing them to focus on other aspects of community living.

To learn more about how Hartley’s Body Corporate Management team can assist you with your insurance needs, please contact your Hartley’s or alternatively you can contact Strata Community Insurance today on [email protected] or call 1300 724 678. Let us all help you navigate the complexities of strata insurance and ensure the protection of your valuable assets.