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We have partnered with Draincare to provide some important information about isolation valves, where to find them and when to turn them off.

Water isolation valves, do you know where yours is located in the event of an emergency?

It is a common occurrence for a water pipe (mainly flexible hoses) to burst and cause major property and contents damages.

In the case of an emergency it is critical to isolate the water supply as quickly as possible to avoid these damages.

A water isolation valve can be located in numerous areas within a lot or even on common property.

They may be located in a meter box at the front of your lot or internally within a lot inside a plumbing duct, under a kitchen cupboard, laundry tub or under a vanity basin.

Is your isolation valve working and maintained?

Isolation valves are a tap that is not commonly used and if left in the open position for a prolonged period of time may cause the internal components to dry out and fail and be inoperable.

It is important to have your isolation tap serviced by a licenced plumber to ensure that it is free to operate in the case of an emergency.

What do you do if you can’t find your isolation tap or if you don’t have one?

In the event you are unable to locate your water isolation tap there may be one however this may not be in a visible location.

Ask your neighbour if they have an isolation tap because a lot of buildings may be built uniform with each other meaning that the isolation taps should be in a similar area to others.

If this proves to be unsuccessful contact your preferred licenced plumber to take the time to help locate this isolation tap and to ensure that it is in a working state.

If you don’t have an isolation tap solely for your lot talk to your body corporate managers or preferred plumber about the possibility of installing one in an easily accessible position of possible.

This may sometimes not be possible and in this instance local isolation valves may be able to be fitted in areas like under your kitchen sink or under your vanity basin where the affected fixture can be easily isolated.

Communal hot water systems isolation valves

In the event you have issues with your hot water supply piping to your lot there will always be a meter and isolation valve located on the outlet of the communal hot water system which is normally located on the ground floor on common property or within hot water meter cupboards on each floor within the foyer areas.

These meters/ isolation taps may not always be numbered but a tell tail sign that it may be your water meter is if the meter is continually turning over.

Individual hot water systems

If you have your own individual hot water system there will always be an isolation valve located on the water inlet side of the system however depending on how your unit has been plumbed this may isolate when the cold water supply tap is turned to the off position.